Your Warehouse in Canada!*

(*Our main fulfillment warehouse is in Vancouver, Canada, but we also have warehouses in the United States and have access to partner warehouses globally through our Evolution Global initiative)

Evolution Fulfillment provides the experience and resources to operate single client dedicated American and Canadian warehouse operations as an extension of your company.  For established businesses, we are able to offer an alternative to the unit based transactional pricing by way of our Dedicated Warehouse Solution.  This solution involves a long term strategic partnership charged on an open book cost plus basis, where we provide:

  • Customized logistics assets
  • Dedicated warehouse space and resources exclusively for your company

Working closely with you, we provide staff, management, equipment and technology with a dedicated team of people that work only on your distribution requirements.  Our efficient and experienced labor structure effectively shields your company from the potential liabilities associated with a warehouse workforce.



Unlike other Canadian warehouse companies, Evolution is an extension of your company that gives you access to global distribution.  Have a free, no-obligations consultation with an Evolution Fulfillment expert.