Learn how we helped Danny & Carla from Gentle Fawn with their 3PL needs.
Two entrepreneurs from Tofino Towels learn how important it is to hire a fulfillment company like Evolution.

What our customers have to say

Black Hawk Electric | Evolution Fulfillment Customer
“We are super impressed with Evolution over the past few months for Black Hawk. Sales are growing now as we ramp up advertising and the warehousing and dispatching side of things is the best I have ever experienced in 10 years of business. Evolution guys are better than any other company we've used across 5 different countries. Thank you very much.”

Fletcher Sewell, Sewell Group

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is building relationships with good people who make business easy, and Evolution Fulfillment sits in this league. Proving themselves as a reliable partner, detailed instructions are followed without fail, communication is proactive, and service is personable. Warehouse Manager Jonathan has gone above and beyond to support our needs more than once. Happy to recommend Evolution any day.”

Cindy Huang, Business Development Manager 18 Wheels Logistics Ltd.

Evolution Fulfillment Client
"Having a fulfillment company in Canada has allowed us to grow our Canadian customer base. Evolution Fulfillment allows us to give our clients local shipping options sans additional tariff costs”.


“I no longer have to process the shipments myself or manually send the client the tracking. It is a huge time savings for me. Also not to mention the personalized service that Ben and Gwen provide. We will continue to use Evolution for our fulfillment needs."


“By using Evolution's fulfillment services we have been able to save money and time! These savings have allowed us to concentrate on what we do best (Marketing and Sales) and have the fulfillment side of our business taken care of in a professional and efficient way.”


“We discovered Evolution Fulfillment and were impressed by their ability to accommodate our unique needs, which included a reliable warehouse system for our diverse inventory, and an efficient distribution process not only in Canada but also across the United States.”


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