Customer Success Stories

In our efforts to outsource our fulfillment services, we have been working with Evolution Fulfillment to ship our product to our clients from our online store which has been a seemless transition. They were able to access our store to fill orders which are handled in a fast and efficient way and shipment are usually processed in a day. I no longer have to process the shipments myself or manually send the client the tracking it is a huge time savings for me. Also not to mention the personalized service that Ben and Gwen provide. We will continue to use Evolution for our fulfillment needs.

Sandra Coley
Boulevard Advertising


 I am a one man show but my strengths are not with warehousing and book keeping. Being a smaller, emerging company allows us to grow with controlled costs. We don’t have the responsibility of having to manage a warehouse and employees. I trust their services and it allows me to focus on what I do best with the company as it grows. The same goes with the general day to day office duties such as invoicing and book keeping. There are other choices when it comes to pick and pack services but having the cost effective extra value services, combined with a reliable third party warehouse system really makes Evolution Fulfillment a full meal deal!

Todd Listwin
Sweet Clothing Distribution Ltd.



Having a fulfillment company in Canada has allowed us to grow our Canadian customer base. Evolution Fulfillment allows us go give our clients local shipping options sans additional tariff costs. This is both a comfort and a cost savings to our clients. Additionally, their system is easy to use and accurate, and their support is top notch. Now that Evolution Fulfillment is part of our international logistics solution, our business would not be the same without them.

Sara Henry
Nui Organics


By using Evolution’s fulfillment services we have been able to save money and time! These savings have allowed us to concentrate on what we do best (Marketing and Sales) and have the fulfillment side of our business taken care of in a professional and efficient way. We would have been smart to do this several years ago. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. You have shown adaptability to changing needs, and are a pleasure to work with.

Tim Botsford President
Mountainview Marketing


Faced with an opportunity to change their distribution service company, EcoSmart Products seized the chance to switch to Evolution Fulfillment, a local 3rd party logistics company that was better able to address their specific B2C needs. Evolution Fulfillment also provided a more efficient system for placing orders and tracking inventory at the warehouse.

The EcoSmart Products story, as told by owner, Kerry Tuttle:

At EcoSmart Products, we distribute non-toxic, refillable dry-erase markers to thousands of universities, colleges, schools and organizations across Canada and the United States. When our large, national distribution service company announced it was moving locations, we decided to search for a different kind of solution. Distribution is a key component of our online business, and any inaccuracies or delays in shipping would reflect poorly on our company.
Because of the nature of our product – a refillable marker that is used extensively in schools and offices – most of our customers are repeat customers. We carefully build on-going relationships with educational institutions, from large universities like California State University to smaller, private schools like Deerfield Academy and Rosemary Choate Hall. Needless to say, we want our customers to have an exceptional experience not only with our customer service and products, but also with their experience receiving the orders.
We discovered Evolution Fulfillment and were impressed by their ability to accommodate our unique needs, which included a reliable warehouse system for our diverse inventory, and an efficient distribution process not only in Canada but also across the United States. At certain times of the school year like at Back to School and Cyber Monday, the volume of orders increases significantly, and we are happy knowing that Evolution Fulfillment can adjust to those peaks with efficiency and accuracy.
Another part of the difference we saw in Evolution Fulfillment is their commitment to social responsibility. With their not-for-profit foundation that raises funds and awareness for causes such as BC Guide Dogs and Shoe Bank Canada, Evolution Fulfillment is proving to be a company that cares. Working with a company that offers great customer service and that is contributing to society in a positive way is very important to us. Since our product is an eco-friendly product in the ‘green’ sector, many of our customers are passionate about making a difference in the environment. We love working with change-makers.
Finally, the IT solutions at the warehouse ensure that our orders are correct and inventory levels are stocked. Using Evolution’s online system, EcoSmart Products can submit orders, verify their accuracy, and retain customer information. That means that repeat orders are much more efficient and guaranteed to be accurate. The online inventory shows us when a certain item is running low so we can track our inventory levels and never run out of stock. Our customers are receiving exactly what they ordered, and on time. An online company has to deliver 100% on its shipping, but that’s not what we want to focus on at EcoSmart Products. That’s the challenge that Evolution Fulfillment meets for us.

Kerry Tuttle Owner
EcoSmart Products



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