cosmetics 3pl

What You Need To Know Before Choosing a 3PL Partner For Your Cosmetics Company

It’s no secret that the cosmetics and beauty industry is massive in Canada and the United States. According to, the cosmetics market in Canada generated 1.24bn USD in revenue last year. The cosmetics market in Canada has generated increasing revenues over the past years and is expected to grow to roughly 1.8 billion U.S. […]
pick and pack

What Is Pick and Pack? What You Need To Know

Are you eager to learn what pick and pack is? This article will explain just that! Pick and pack is a type of order fulfillment that warehouses and distribution centers offer. It’s a time of order fulfillment that is often used by ecommerce retailers that receive smaller shipments instead of larger ones. This process involves […]
clothing fulfillment center

4 Reasons You Need a Clothing Fulfillment Center

Clothing and apparel brands deal with unique shipping challenges. These challenges are compounded further nowadays with ongoing supply chain issues across the world. RELATED: What is B2B Fulfillment and How Does It Work? The Top 5 Third-Party Logistics Trends To Know About For 2022 What’s the one solution to these challenges facing apparel brands? It’s […]
b2b fulfillment

What is B2B Fulfillment and How Does It Work?

Do you find yourself wondering what B2B fulfillment is? Find it a challenge to fully understand B2B fulfillment and B2B shipping? In this article, we’ll discuss what B2B fulfillment is and how you can find the right B2B service provider. We’ll also discuss B2C fulfillment and how it is different from B2B fulfillment. RELATED: The […]

Brace Yourself For More Amazon Shipping Delays Amid New COVID Restrictions

Do you find yourself waiting longer than usual for your Amazon orders? Well you’re not alone as people all around the globe are dealing with Amazon shipping delays, including right here in Canada. Amazon Canada shipping delays and further delays impacting global Amazon deliveries can be partially blamed on lockdown measures impacting the Chinese city […]
third-party logistics trends

The Top 5 Third-Party Logistics Trends To Know About For 2022

2020 was a wild year for the logistics industry as the COVID-19 pandemic broke e-commerce sales records and had retailers rethinking how to best serve their customers. The shift to more e-commerce also meant that it would be harder to find warehouse space across Canada and the world. According to CBRE Ltd’s Canada Market Outlook […]
Gwen Martin

Gwen Martin Included in Third Annual WPO Women 2 Watch List

Delta, B.C. (December 3rd, 2021): The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) has announced the 2021 Women 2 Watch, a list of the fastest-growing WPO members from around the world. These companies applied for the 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies™ and are experiencing significant revenue growth as they reach new levels of success. Gwen Martin, CEO of Blastramp, based in Delta, […]
Evolution Group of Companies | BC Parks

Evolution Group of Companies Named New Sponsor For BC Parks Foundation

Delta-based Evolution Group of Companies is happy to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with BC Parks Foundation. As the official charitable partner of BC Parks, the BC Parks Foundation is leading an expedition to create the best park system in the world. They do this by working with you to protect, enhance and […]

We Love Our Customers Featuring Tofino Towel!

Over the next couple of months, we will be featuring some of the customers we work for and why we love to work with them. Our first feature article will be on Tofino Towel; an amazing customer of ours since 2016. Tofino Towel’s mantra is simple: Live Outside, Love Inside. They are the originators of […]
Global Shipping Delays during holiday shopping season

Global Shipping Delays Once Again Threaten The Holiday Shopping Season

With fall on the horizon and the holiday shopping season not far behind, many consumers may once again face shipping delays on their favorite products. What’s causing these shipping delays? For starters, global supply chains remain strained due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and now recent floods in Europe and China have made the matter […]
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