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Your complete North American distribution solution

With a growing need to expand markets, thousands of US and international businesses are attempting to find ways to successfully export products to Canadian retailers and consumers.
The need to maximize profit margins and increase sales has exponentially expanded growth opportunities. Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of goods cross the U.S./Canada border each day. Consumers and retailers are more likely to purchase products when the process is streamlined, when the final price of the product is the final locally delivered price and when the brand is represented and managed in the same manner across the continent.

But what is the best strategy to navigate these rough seas? If you’re looking for logistics companies in Canada, then Evolution Fulfillment is a 3PL company that provides a platform – and expertise – for brands to excel in this environment.

Our mission statement and pillars

The Evolution team strives to work as an extension of our clients’ businesses. We care about your clients’ businesses as if they were our own. Our goal is to provide a professional, clean and accurate warehouse and office environment and a relationship with your team of integrity, trust and respect. Our pillars include a commitment to:
Strong Relationships
Social Responsibility
Culture of Happiness

Our philosophy

We’re a different kind of 3PL company that feels the early introduction of structure, process, technology and a solid foundation gives new or evolving businesses the ability to focus on growth and their core competencies without the distraction of adding fixed costs.

With Financial, Operational and Customer Service expertise in a variety of traditional and emerging businesses, we had a compelling opportunity to offer clients integrated solutions for their ventures, drawing on industry best practices. We decided to create a 3PL unlike any other distribution company in Canada and the fruit of that labour was a model that we call the Brand Fulfillment Model. It’s unlike anything you’ll find at traditional fulfillment companies in Canada and, quite simply, it leaves you with more control, transparency and margins.

Our systems

Our web based Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows clients to have 24 hours access to their information.
No more guess work! – Whether you are on-the-road, at the office or a home-based employee, our clients have access to view live customer, inventory and returns information.

Clients have the option to partially or fully implement the WMS into their own online applications such as web stores, sales management and accounting software. Our automated systems have been successfully implemented into fully integrated shopping carts (B2B & B2C) to fulfill the inventory needs of all your sales channels.
Custom Solutions to fit your needs.