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Evolution Fulfillment provides eight turnkey services to advance your North American distribution strategy – which you can choose independently or combine for full effect – to ensure on-time, accurate, and efficient product delivery into all sales channels.

Distribution & Fulfillment Solutions

Brand Fulfillment
Brand Fulfillment
A turnkey alternative to traditional fulfillment for Canadian, US, and International companies.
Cross Border Shipping
Save up to 46% on your shipping costs by taking advantage of our cross border domesticated shipping.
Amazon Fulfillment
Amazon Fulfillment
Gain access to the massive marketplace that is Amazon. We offer Amazon fulfillment and removal services for Canadian and US clients.
B2B Fulfillment
B2B Order Fulfillment
We customize programs to fit customers’ needs by offering a variety of services including case pack, pick and pack services, cross docking, and other 3rd party fulfillment center services.
B2C Fulfillment
B2C Order Fulfillment
Same day turnaround on orders, protecting goods in transit, professional presentation, gift-wrapping and personalized notes are all services that we can customize.
Administration Support
Administration Support
Focus on your core business by outsourcing your accounting and financial processes. Whether its accounting, customer service, or IT programming and support, our team is available to assist.
Transloading and Cross Docking
Transloading & Cross Docking
Gain a reliable, experienced 3PL partner who is committed to your long-term growth

About Evolution Fulfillment

We are a Canadian fulfillment provider with a main warehouse located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We offer pick and pack order fulfillment services for brands – particularly fashion, apparel, cosmetic and jewelry brands – who target the North American customer. We’re also not your typical 3PL and we’re NOT a typical distributor. Learn why our Brand Fulfillment model is better for your business' product fulfillment needs.
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